Ride Plan

You cannot return the bike to ports outside of the Seta area.

Prices include tax.

Basic Plan
Smooth Sailing to University with This Plan!
PlanStandard ride (Commuting to work or school)
Price (tax included)154yen/30min
Long Use Plan
For those who want to head out to lunch without rushing!
PlanLong ride
Price (tax included)253yen /90min

Campaign period: Until June 30, 2024.

Discount Pass 
For frequent users!
PlanDiscount Pass
Price (tax included)550 yen / Month
Other info

55 yen / Ride
This is a monthly discount pass that allows you to use the service for 30 minutes each time at a cost of 55 yen.

  • To use any of the pricing plans, new registration in “My Area Shiga” is required.
  •  Members from other areas of the bike-sharing service will be limited to the “Standard Ride” pricing plan only. 
  • By logging out and registering anew in “My Area Shiga” through the app, you can access all pricing plans. 
  • Bikes cannot be returned outside of the designated ports, and parking time outside these ports will also be subject to charges. 
  • You can check or change your plan via the “Plan Review/Change” option in the app’s account screen. 
  • Charges apply from the moment you unlock the bike until you complete the return.
  •  You can change your pricing plan up to twice a month through the app. 
  • All prices are inclusive of tax.