Ride Plan

You cannot return the bike to ports outside of the Kyoto area.

  • To use any of the pricing plans, new registration in “My Area Kyoto” is required.
  •  Members from other areas of the bike-sharing service will be limited to the “Long  Ride” pricing plan only. 
  • By logging out and registering anew in “My Area Kyoto” through the app, you can access all pricing plans. 
  • Bikes cannot be returned outside of the designated ports, and parking time outside these ports will also be subject to charges. 
  • You can check or change your plan via the “Plan Review/Change” option in the app’s account screen. 
  • Charges apply from the moment you unlock the bike until you complete the return.
  •  You can change your pricing plan up to twice a month through the app. 
  • All prices are inclusive of tax.